[x] Emy | #10 | Babel | 6th June 2016 | Aggressive Griefing

IGN: Emy
Server ID: #10
Server: Babel
Date: 6/6/2016
Time Recorded: 0600 UTC 6/6/16
Offence: Aggressive Griefing: He had been on Red team the entire match, then he switched teams and immediately started griefing. Not your average, pillar a tower griefing. First he griefs tent by burying it below the stairs we had built for it (We raised it inline with the building on binladencompound), then to make sure we cannot repair the tent, he destroys the building immediately in front of it, and then destroys our stairs. Then he moves on to block our entrance to the tower. Then pillars tower to block it. Then goes back and makes a huge wall in front of entrance. Moves to another spot and does it again. Then, as he realizes I can destroy all these blocks, he moves to block spamming our entire spawn’s vicinity.



Thanks for reporting

Banned for 1 week

Thank you, very fitting punishment :smiley:

This player was always on RED side, I warned this player couple of times for being greifing BLUE and then switched to RED. This is unacceptable and I would consider of cheating.

Shy…I would like to upgrade the ban to 2 weeks.



Go ahead. I’ll be home in a couple of hours and I will do it if you haven’t yet


Thanks for upgrading the ban.