[x] Elysem.1.(-_-).

#24 Elysem.1.(-_-).
server: aloha babel
time: 11:00pm US central
hack: I don’t know

He killed both Mossy and I by shooting through the platform. The tracers were coming straight up through the platform so I knew it wasn’t right. I got a few clips of it. He claims he was taking advantage of lag but every time I /pinged him he was 80ms.
evidence: https://youtu.be/cZ0BB1G6AFQ

evidence: https://youtu.be/k2efGl1bojw

That is usually caused by lag, you can see players glitching through the platform, he didn’t modify the game in any way, and is probably not his fault, but he should not exploit that glitch, he will be warned. Thanks for reporting.

sorry to see taken advantage of the lag
do not speak English, I use a translator right now to apologize :frowning: