[x] [-DP-] Eli

Name: [-DP-] Eli
Server: aloha arena all maps
Date: May 20, 2013
Time: 4:40 PM GMT+8
Offense: Abuse of votekick function/Successfully votekicked me
He votekicked me for Reason: STFU ABOUT OUR CLAN. I made a remark saying, "Oh man here are the DPshits" after more of the DP clan showed up. They did not understand that it was a just a joke and then Eli votekicked me.
I would like to add that one of the DP members ([-DP-] SkyHitXD) started a votekick against me earlier
because they said that there was a DP vs. DP match on the server but he canceled it once I switched to Spectator.

DPSHITS.bmp (1.37 MB)

I am with average here since everytime I mean EVERYTIME Eli does votekicks.

I agree,once I said on top 10 DP is a “fun” clan for not good players and they said “fuck you”

Thanks for the feedback guys, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for any of these votekicks.

The DP clan thinks that they can do what they want on our servers. They dont accept other opinions. Once, we were alone on the server (only 8-10 guys I think- 5 from the DP clan), they said Spadewars, but I played how I want to play and they tried to kick me than… I wasnt in the mud for a Spadewar.

I dont want to be an asshole but we have to do something agianst their votekickabuse…

They even votekicked me for aimbot and esp even though i didn’t do anything. The match just started and some random DP idiot votekicked me for hacks.

The new [-DP]Tiprikidi almost votekicked me with the reason : He thinks he is the king of “lul”
I changed my name as fun to [LUL]Kiwii_MW and I almost got votekicked…

Cant believe that he joined this clan, oh dear:(

He is a good player,I cant believe it too: :’(

I played with some DP’s yesterday and they never even tried to vk me but vk’ed someone else , and yes we have to something about their vk abuse

I will do screenshots when I’ll see a abuse votekick and I’ll report them.They already have been warned and I’ll warn them again (U know I’m not admin but I can report too:3)And when they dont stop I’ll ask the admins in the IRC channel to do somthing

One of their members got banned for an hour (maybe) for votekicking someone successfully with an invalid reason. I think he gets it now.

Thats enough,defcon 1 for them.I will always have bandicam open now.

Yeah That clan really annoys me, There were 8 [-DP-]'s on the blue team last week at india (Top 10) and they were bloody spamming the chat. THey also do random Votekick that annoys me a lot. Next time they do it ill try get it on tape (Bandicam)

a)Why don’t you just take a screenshot
b)why don’t you complain on IRC?
And i even played with eli once seems like she and she was not vk abusing.

A.I think it is more better if you see a video then a Picture
B. I didn’t even know that they had a IRC
C. I never said anything about Eli I just said the clan

Plus I have footage of QWA votekicking someone at Avstorage for “Camper All /Y”. I just don’t know how to put a video on this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Upload to youtube.

I checked her 5 most recent votekicks that she has done and out of the 5, 1 was a false votekick against her clanmate for Reason: I’ll give you something to cry about. I’ll keep an eye out for her.

Just a info:Eli is a girl.