[x] DoritosBv

When: 13/10/2020 23h23 (french time zone)
Where: Tower of babel
What: This guy was very sus and i believe he was using a wallhack, but i m not 100% sure. I have recorded him for almost 13minutes and sometimes his shoots looks suspect.

This video is pretty long, so here are a few timers where he seemed suspicious
0.06 / 0.15 / 0.47 / 2.52 / 4.55 / 10.14 / 10.29

(yeah I have to learn to put timecodes on my videos)


According to the plays made by this player, there are many places where it is seen that he’s using ESP,

For a future report please use the /pw and /an, which are very useful to observe players,

I will proceed to ban this player,