[x] Deuce Zero is a Hacker

He hacked aimbot and esp on zombies vs humans. All greens cant kill him and his teammates. He shot 3 of my squadmates in 3 different locations. He saw that I was behind him. He shot us from a tower all spawned and died by headshot. Please ban.

without evidence very little can be done, next time try to get video or screen shots and post them

Print-Screen that shit. Try using any video recorder (Fraps, Bandicam, etc.) to record his movements. Then report him here along with the evidence, server, date, time, and offense

I am not exactly rushing to believe you. You have accused me and many other legitimate players of hacking.
Also the name Deuce Zero implies that he is an older play at AoS so he was probably just good.

Deuce Zero has already been banned twice since this report was made.