[x] Definate Hacker-{Wenis}CRACKERS.

Witnesses:Me,Tobi9sc,Rainbow Dash and KomradeDakeku.
I did his accuracy 3times after 2kills each time and they kept rising.Also on the last one he quickly switched to Shotty then block.Almost as he was shotting with the block.Also he actually admitted to me that he hacked.

i just banned on top10 just a few minutes ago for aimbot+ESP. if anyone else sees him ban on sight.

So he is permabanned?

yes. saw this after i banned him/her. hopefully there’ll be no evading from this IP.

Hmm…I remember seeing someone with [Wenis] acting suspiciously in pinpoint. Never had time to check him, and he disconnected shortly after I banned another guy.

Can someone give me ovl075 and a guide plz?I used to have it but deleted it because I got irritated on not knowing how to use it.

yea,I did not know too ask some1 on the irc.