[x] [dark]sorriso


Date: December 26th, 2013
Time: 12:31 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
Server: Pinpoint
Offender: [dark]sorriso
Offences: No Recoil, Aimbot, MB (?), ESP (?)
Else: He was getting votekicked for hacking a lot. My dad turned off the comp while I was recording, so I’m not sure if he was banned. I did call for an admin.

Evidently he is a ban evader too according the the dynamic ban list


that looks like a rapid hack … a bit surprising that he hasn’t been autodetected by server script

Darevill, scripts are made to be hard to trigger and only trigger under certain circumstances.

Edit: Word change to make more sense

Sorry for the delay, Player has been banned, Thank you for reporting.

no problem