[x] [CS Maps] niko

Just a noob with a ratio below 1.0 who called everybody that killed him a hacker. Strangely, his ratio had suddenly increased to 5+.

(no audio because I was on skype and my friend’s voice got recorded)

You can clearly see on this video how he stares at people through walls, including his own team mates.

It happened on 14.11.14 at about 20:49 UTC 0.

I started recording after he pulled 5 headshots in like 2 seconds without getting hurt, unfortunately I don’t have anything that happened before that, which was foul language and glitch attempts.

Wow, this is the only topic on this page that hasn’t been replied to. What’s the matter? Is niko a friend of the admins?

no its just that admins hire hackers/abusers because they’ve got nothing better to do yes

Segun lei en las reglas del foro uno puede responder a los reportes de abuso si su respuesta ayuda en algo y si Niko lo he visto en el Servidor de Push de Aloha.pk y aunque lo intentamos sacar por votación no pudimos y al parecer ningún admin estaba online espero q aunq sin imagens o video sirva de algo sino solo borren el comentario.

No, it’s probably because they can’t tell, or don’t think he is hacking. Also, post videos like:


Lmao ;D

He was caught later that day in “arena all maps” server.

The video isn’t as good as I wanted it to be, I was expecting someone else would take it instead of me, sorry for that.
The only part that actually looks fishy is in 1:20, everything else isn’t impressive, its dificult to see hacks during close range fights coz everything looks like snaps and esp (could be sound). And I don’t like cherry picking, I wanted to see what was gonna happend to that guy in 1:10, simply running in the direction of the tunnel exit is something someone with headphones could do.

Did it before, for some reason it didn’t work now. It works different on every darn forum…

As for niko, he was an extreme noob (like i said, ratio below 1.0 and calling everybody a hacker), once he launched the cheats he was also very cautious, but that didn’t stop him from almost suddenly getting a ratio of 5+.

I also mentioned the headshot spree which wasn’t recorded. Maybe you should consider getting some people with moderator rights to play on aloha servers and look out for cheaters. I think you call these people guards, but apparently, there ain’t enough of them.

All of our staff make an effort to be on the servers and keep them clean. But sometimes, as you said, there are no staff members on at the time. Always try using the /admin command ingame or join our IRC. If you ask for an admin and don’t receive an answer, then using pubovl with recording software is your best bet. I know it doesn’t solve the issue right away, but it does in the long run. We appreciate any help that we get.

I always send a message via /admin command, at first I just wrote “hacker on the server” but since nobody came to rescue, I started writing the nicks of the cheaters, hoping that the admins will read the message after some time and hopefully to keep an eye on the troublemakers in the future.

I also tell others to do the same but the result is always the same - nothing happens :frowning:

And going on the IRC is equally fruitless.

Seems that lately staff is rarely on. While I am sure I have reported some players that are not aimbotters the vast majority are so obvious it doesn’t take much for an admin to determine. Maybe admins should PM those that report someone who is legit so they aren’t left hanging? Dunno if possible for an admin on IRC to do or not and even then I would probably miss it if they did but it would at least help the perception that nobody is on.