[x] |CS MAPS| Glitchers

I noticed that this is becoming quite a big problem on this server (yes, this particular one).

A faggot exploits bugs by getting into what should be inaccessible areas and gains obvious benefits from it. He then gets a group of followers to do the same.
The dirtbags i recorded hid behind a wall to survive, thus lengthening the time of every round.

I was there just long enough to record them, but I did notice that they influenced some noobs to follow in their footsteps, which explains why this server has so many glitchers now.
Apart from this I often see people leaving the spawn area during countdown (it happened to me once, but they do it every round).

I suggest you ban those sacks of garbage before this spreads out, and I encourage all aloha players to report all glitchers, regardless of whether it’s “innocent” or not.

It happened on 23 Oct at about 16:10 UTC 0 time.

I see youtube decreased the quality of this video. Their nicks are:


EDIT: Caught another sweet duet.

Depredador and -KillHiTn-

Approx 20:35 UTC 0 on 30.10

Got a video on Depredador glitching out and more screenshots if needed. Admins PM me if video proof is required (not posting for safety reasons)


First 2 were banned by diaga for 7 days
Next one was banned for 7 days permaed for evasion
the last two where just banned today by me for 7 days thanks for reporting.

Good. I’m making those vids private so others don’t get any ideas.

Please stop the necroing, and spam posting.