[x] [CONO]Simo3000 | #20 | Babel | 3rd June 2016

IGN: [CONO]Simo3000
Server ID: #20
Server: Babel
Date: 3/6/2016
Time Recorded: 2:20PM GMT+5
Offence: Aimbot, NR

Edit: thanks flerikko :smiley:
Player is already kicked in game but i’m posting it for proof

3rd* of May?

The player was ban in game.

Thanks for reporting.


oh shit I WAS HERE

this guy was stealing my fucking headshots

this isn’t an appeals thread; no need to put striker janners down man, thought u knew aloha isn’t about that censoring… :\ :\ :\ :\

This applies to both appeals and abuse threads. Please do not post unless you have anything important to add.