[x] [Complaint] Admin Kick Abuse

[b]Guys I Need Help Admins always kick Me For No Reason Im Not Even Hacking!!! I Need Help I Know That i hacked a long time ago then i learned What server will i play Now??? I NEED HELP THEY ARE ABUSING ME I said to the chat “Admins Please Don’t Kick Me Im not Hacking” The I Got Kicked I Got So Mad That I Dont Want to play aloha.pk anymore but i promised to always play on aloha.pk THE SERVER THAT I LOVE THE MOST I Need [shadow=red,left]Help[/shadow]

Server : Aloha.pk Top 10 Maps
Reason : Kicked For No Damn Reason!!![/b]

Stop making new topics goddamnit!!!

SOri i just saw abusi reports XD

lol,but seriously sort it out on IRC

You do know that admins are trying to keep away hackers.



oops…forgot he was banned.

LOL guys Im not a hacker

U are not yet unbanned…thats y u r being kicked everytime u join a aloha server. :slight_smile:

In your other ban appeal you said you werent a hacker, then said you had hacks, now you again said your not a hacker?

In my opinion, you should not be unbanned.

Just to let you know XBoys u can post it on his ban appeal :wink: