[x] chaos and [x] Crafter :D

Date: 16/06/2013
Time: Earlier today
Servers: Babel (chaos) and infiltration (Craft)
Offenders: chaos, Crafter :smiley:
Offences: Possible ESP (chaos) and Possible Aimbot (Craft)

Crafter :smiley:

If you notice, he snaps many times to peoples’ heads.


OK, I didn’t get much on him. But in the beginning, you see him track the green up the stairs.

Crafter banned. Couldn’t really say whether Chaos was hacking or not.

I think he may have been, but stopped when he saw me spectating. I’m actually surprised at how many people know me.

chaos is a babel regular, so if he is a cheater then he would have been banned already, and I remember him being a good player since I first saw him.
Just felt like putting this here.

Mmm…well, there have been regulars who hacked (TECHNOTIM) but…I wasn’t exactly sure either

thank you SnIpEr for your trust and honesty… and its true, im not cheating. never did, never will.

greetz chaos

woah that necro.