[x] Ban Monstarules and hal and Fleischy

They are annoying me on IRC, torture king me too, Also fleischy took over my channel also he lied and said op me I show U well he banned me!

um… there is an option for you to leave the chat, and we can’t help you with your own channel…

This is a personal problem and has nothing to do with aloha

Nvm not Moneta…

Enough, Monster the Cat.

How much do we need to pay you to go away

can you please stop being dumb

(he’s only 9 remember)

(still dumb)

I’m dumb I’m everything huh? What R U?

calm down ace the king!
they’re just jealous of your skills on aos… keep your head up young man :+)

Ty but I will not let them bug me hey if I am [Still dumb] at least smarter than you, I did not even have to make a thread I handled more things that you could ever do if you were me you would be dead by now so think twice before replying on threads that are not ment for you and that never will be WOW someone needs to be banned for a while to see and learn because I am a kid and am messing with you and can also you should be more mature not me. But I am BUN :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we lock this, please