[x] [babel] ZeroGravity

Name: ZeroGravity
Server: Babel
Date/Time: 4th May 2017, ~10:05 GMT

I’m pretty sure this player was using ESP.
Before the video, he was on the other side of the map (you’ll have to take my word for that I’m afraid), so there’s no way he could see player “I HATE AUTISUM”, yet he knew exactly where he was.
Stuff similar to this also happened before a few times, but I was unfortunately unable to record it. I couldn’t keep recording more, as he left soon after.



As always, I may very well be wrong, and apologize if I am.
But I’m pretty fucking sure.

I may add that I have nothing against this player at all. There’s no reason I would report this if I didn’t truly believe he was hacking.


I’ve banned this player multiple times for aimbot and he’s also an evader. gg

The player is banned.

Thanks for reporting.