[x] |BABEL| Kennedy27

Player IGN: Kennedy27
Server: aloha.pk Tower of Babel
Date: 22-11-2014 (22nd November 2014)
Time: 10:43 a.m. GMT

This player was found with No Recoil and probably Aimbot as well, 'cuz he got a few rapid headshot streaks. Couldn’t get them on film, tho :frowning:

You can see that this smart-ass is trying to miss on purpose and add “artificial recoil”.

Recorded with Bandicam and pubOVL

- 3lb01k

He is banned. Thank you for reporting.


Thanks, but what happened to the “(x)” (but with square brackets; the forum markup didn’t allow me to use them here) you used to mark at abuse reports which were dealt with?

- 3lb01k