[x] |BABEL| Cocain

IGN: Cocain
Server: aloha.pk Tower of Babel
Date/Time: 29-05-2015 6:30 p.m. GMT

Okay, this isn’t your regular Aimbot/NR abuse report. This player engaged in serious griefing, making it impossible for anyone to come back to the tent and reload.
He spent a good amount of time digging up this huge tunnel (I didn’t really see him do it; I’m assuming it was him, though, because he took all the pains to protect it and all ← felt I should include that there). So anyway, the tunnel spanned the tent, making it impossible for anyone to access the tent (the video will illustrate this).
When I tried to bring the tent back up to surface level, he felt the need to destroy my attempts, making me (as well as the tent) fall back down to the bottom of the pit he so carefully dug up.
I am, of course, really pissed off, and I think a**holes like these deserve permabans.
A player named Spawn_Plays was also involved in similar griefing (2nd video)



EDIT: I found out a few minutes later that he was doing the same thing for the other team’s tent (another video attached)


- 3lb01k

Caught him in the act, banned for 7 days (Is not his first offence).