[x] Auto-Report, Ninja Hayabusa

Hello, dear AoS 0.75 fans and ahola.pk users, my name is Ninja Hayabusa, im 71% sure you know me, else you never visited a ahola.pk server before.
I am here to explain what is happening right now and what would happen to then soon enough :
With my actions i triggered your caution about hackers, im here to tell you that you are being VERY, VERY uncincer enough because most of your rules are not yet enough clear.

  1. You dont have any active anti-hacks, any hacker that would apear on a server should be banned on an amount of time
  2. The amount of time for hacker bans are WAY too long, they are infinite, they should be 2 weeks or a month, on the contrary to infinite
  3. If you can locate my IP, i dont care if you unban me or soo on, i dont care if you remove this topic, but i want to make sure i got myself CLEAR.

Atleast you are watching your servers more because of my actions, and then again, there were NO admins present on ANY AoS server ESSEPT for PinPoint and Hallway, that is tragic, allso votekick should be removed and moderators should be present ALL DAY LONG untill the server is in manuntention, moderators should be daily replaced by another because no one wants to remove someones routine just for a game.

The reason VoteKick should be removed is that many overuses it for stupid reasons like simple “hacking”, because i myself was playing another day WITHOUT my hacks on a normal AoS server (the same day i got banned on all ahola.pk servers) with my own skills, then people started to say that i were a hacker, i raged, and i realy hacked.
People paniked, gone silent and gone scared, then again, i did not make that on porpuse, that was an acidental emotional feeling, and this is not an excuse not to be banned.

I hope you make myself CLEAR ENOUGH, my name is Ninja Hayabusa, many considers me a hacker but my job is to create divertions, and after a week of hacking on many ahola.pk servers, FINALY someone found me and gave me the final rest.

Stealthly, the Peregrine Falcon.

cheating doesn’t help anything, it only makes everything worse. thanks for nothing.

Remove this treat, the conversation is over, problem solved via IRC.

Even after the problem was solved via IRC, i am still banned via multiple ahola.pk servers, if you do not remove the ban, i would like a directly reply from a moderator saying the reason to do soo.
Allso, ask the IRC channel for the proff i am unbanned.

your ban will stay indefinitely because you have ill intentions. we can’t help someone who doesn’t care.

So basically, you come here, acting as if you have a lesson to teach us and were completely correct, yet saying things that are obviously wrong. Your pseudo proofs of concept are obviously ab absurdo and have no support in common gameplay throughout normal AoS servers, from the perspective of any honest player. Merely by reading your post, it’s quite clear that you hacked in prejudice to all other players, knowing so full well, and that is unnacceptable. Don’t expect to be unbanned any time soon.