[x] asfdf

A player with the IGN asfdf was using aimbot on tower of babel. I know it is usually harder to tell if someone is using hacks in third person, but in this video it is kind of obvious. I would use PUBovl but the Hinjector always crashes, and the other one is blocked on my computer. So this is the best I can do. Just ask if you want me to point out times of interest.


When I reported it in IRC:

[09:52] Just finished recording asfdf
[09:52] !check babel 24
[09:52] <@Danko> #24 / Ukraine / asfdf / 232 / Red / Score: 51 / K: 51 / D: 7 / R: 7.286 / Str: 6 / ★Str: 10 / RIF.Acc: None / SMG.Acc: 45% / SHT.Acc: None / Afk: less than a second / babel - http://west.aloha.pk:34886 / aos://1379434439:34887
[09:52] !highlight
[09:52] <@Danko> Help: aem CapRex Chase_UC Danko dr_barron Froelich131 HackBot haux_ izzy- Q SnIpEr Spring Thufman CrazyMonky D tobi9sc zz_Rezon
[09:52] aimbot

Player has been banned. Thank you for reporting.

Your welcome, glad I could help!