[x] as!2"1~.

IGN: as!2"1~.
Time: 8:16 GMT -6
Reason: ESP

Might just be luck for him.

That looks to be ESP, but I can’t say for sure because I’m watching it on my phone…

Looks pretty BAD

Well imo its not enough proof. This kills seemed pretty weird, but from this “view” we cant see if he snapped for the enemies or aimed at them before. We just see that he jumpes, kills two times somebody and thats all.
Anyway, detecting Esp without admin tools at pinpoint isnt possible imo, because the enemies are always in Front of you at the other side (only waternoobs camp somewhere different).

EDIT: I review this video at my PC and you can see a snap at the second kill, but its still not enough proof for a ban imo.

He was banned multiple times by admins for hacking since this post. He is banned now.