[x] Andreo, Tower of Babel hacker

Player Andreo on Tower of Babel a few minutes ago. He was obviously aimbotting, maybe esp? When I called him on it he admitted without shame:

K7 (Blue): Andreo, please turn it off calvinandhobbes (Green): i kill everybody Omega disconnected calvinandhobbes has an accuracy of: Rifle: None SMG: 64% Shotgun: None. Andreo (Green): no way tyler was hakicng now me You must be closer to the enemy's base to shoot blocks! K7 (Blue): So, you admit it? JULIANSKY (Green): looooooooool DU :) (Green): loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool DU :) (Green): les jodimos todo xd JULIANSKY (Green): chau dignidad azul DU :) (Green): jajajajajaj calvinandhobbes (Green): noob K7 (Blue): I have chat record, I'll report you if you don't

I love chat log. He didn’t stop after I gave the warning.

I back him up. I reported him to IRC, but topo was too busy to get him. Yes, I am pretty sure that Andreo was hacking

It is our policy that we must observe a player before any ban can be made against him/her. So, based on the information provided here, there isn’t much we could have done other than keep an eye out. My apologies that this wasn’t addressed in a timely fashion.