[x] [-Ammo-] M4A1

Had no recoil and I saw him tracking players through walls before I got this video

At 5-6 seconds in the video he kills someone through a wall also immediately after that his view changes for a split second (barely noticeable) and he kills another person.

I caught this same guy, i also have a video that shows nerecoil and nospread.

Has some one responded and or banned him yet?

Not to my knowlage, I did out it out in the irc so someone might have gotten him

Not enough proof, great demonstration of lag

Don’t close it yet, i still have my video

Well you know what they say about Australians ;D

Sorry to waste everyone’s time though :-[

Videos uploading, i also have one that shows a crapton of headshots on another video but its only after he shot because fraps wasn’t recording

Sorry turns out the video bugged out while it was uploading

O well, ill reupload when i get home.

he is banned already by one of our admins.

Ok thanks for telling us.

Edit Thanks

I got him scipio. Had 3 videos of him.