[x] almon447766 and [x] <REBEL>Panda Hallway

ESP and Aimbot

No Recoil (possible)

The video of almon is pretty obvious, seeing him tracking enemies underneath him and such.

But for Panda, I can’t really see any suspicious moves besides 2:56 to 2:58. But that could be debunked with my own experience, I always check everywhere in HW. It’s not a surprise to find a guy hiding in the corner where you could just barely see him.

I’d also like to suggest that when you are catching any hackers, don’t conversate and ask about hacks. It not only ruins the chance to capture good evidence but it also indicates the accused should shut its hacks off to prevent any further evidence being recorded. And of course, there’s always the denial.

The reason i was talking to Panda about hacks is because i know him, and i was suspicious of him being the real one because i was under the impression that he had given up on and he was being particularly vocal on the chat (not normal of him from what i had seen in the past).

I personally banned almon447766 on hallway the same day you posted this report.

I’m not entirely sure about Panda. Maybe someone else can have a look.

From what i saw, i will that 75% sure hes no recoil, and i do not discard the possibility of ESP. I ill keep an eye

i know him (in game) and he is very good, but there is also the possibility that he is very good at hiding it, or that someone was using his name

either way i know he is a good kid, just didn’t feel right