[x] / ?? {} + aimbot

Server tower of bable 3:30 est
so far hes been aimbotting many people know he is by 4-6 kills in a row from different areas of the map i have seen him shoot someone then auto change target then insta headshot someone in the edge of the fog I also suspect chams at play we tried to votekick other team (green) was also not helpfull in votkicking an hacker that everyone could see he mostly died by be dead nadeing before he had a chance to aim at me



Thank you for reporting this hacker, he has been permabanned. However, keep in mind that in the future, a screenshot with the player’s ratio is usually not enough evidence. It would be helpful if you could perhaps download either bandicam or a cracked version of fraps to record someone who you think is hacking. That way, we have more concrete evidence.

Thank you for your time.

or actually buy fraps… thats good too

I don’t find this a hacker at all.

GamingFTW please. You weren’t there so I don’t think you have any claim to make as to whether he was hacking or not. In game, he was quite clearly hacking and was permabanned accordingly. We’ve already discussed how this isn’t enough evidence to judge if he was hacking, but there’s also not enough to say that he wasn’t hacking.

Yeah, yeah the evidence, I think is nothing. But if you say in-game he was clearly hacking I’m okay