[x] Aimbot

Offender: jacke
Server: Aloha.pk cs maps
Time: NOW
Offence: Aimbotting

I just want to point out for the future that doing reports like that will lead to little being done. We can’t ban off of something so little.

I’m in game right now, jacke1 is who I assume to be jacke just with a different name (it’s the result of DC’ing and then coming in game before the old acc was DC’ed completely)

He’s been afk for over 3 minutes and has 7 deaths with 0 kills. I’ll edit this post if he’s banned or not.

I hear you

He’s gone now. Thanks very much for the report, though!

Ok. No problem.

Also i’d like to suggest you put an actual time as well as a time zone in GMT format. Staff aren’t always going to get to read these as soon as you post them, so “Now” is a wide range of time.

Uh…look at the top of the post. “Time of post” is there.

Uh…usually when people report these it’s not immediately, that’s what the IRC is for.