[x] Aimbot user on aloha.pk intel rpg

Hello, a player by the name of indefix had been using an aimbot on this server around 2:00 pm est on 9/20/13

I appologize I can’t provide any screencaps or videos to back my claim but here is the player’s kill-to-death ratio as of 2:25 pm:


7.25 kills/min

336 kills, 30 deaths

I have posted the link of this thread on the server’s chat so hopefully some of th players from this time may be able to back me up

map: Duecehills

Not enough evidence to be used, we can’t do anything when the only ‘evidence’ is the score and ratio.

Plus, the ratio looks kinda normal to me.

(edit) player name: idefix

This is a screencap of his stats taken at 3:00 pm, this is all I have. If this isn't enough for disciplinary action than please just keep an eye on this player.

Stroopl, Imm not an admin but this does feel fishy to me ill keep my eyes out, a good way to catch hackers is to record them in the act with bandicam or similer. I assume you use pubovl also? If you have no clue what i am talking about refer to my post on it in the forum (its the section above this ones) (has pubovl in its name)

Edit i did the math Its about 10 kills per death. Which i find hard to find on bable unless hes camping and even them its still hard to not get killed.

60 bullets,wat