[x] Achievment of the day

I just learned today, that you must be very careful about how good you play when you’re around a bunch of new players who aren’t exactly as experienced or skilled as you are.

Just today, I was playing some PinPoint, and I happened to be getting easy shots off. Many, almost all of them, were headshots.

As always with most new people, they didn’t check my accuracy or ratio, but because of how “lucky” I seemed to be getting, they went ahead and votekicked me.

So just know, unless they know you, don’t try your hardest around thick minded, newly joined, players of AoS. ;p

good advice…

but personally i’m going to play the way i do regardless of the people playing…

i’m not going to change my habits because some noobs wish to over react and make accusations about something they are not familiar with…

Thufman…you should have told Akita that you were being unfairly votekicked so that he could cancel it.

It was a funny case. I think it was more a troll attempt, than anything else. That one guy, Ghost Killer, was one of the guys calling hacks (on me of all people), but he eventually switched teams and started to grief, which leads me to believe he was just a troll all along.

I almost never get votekicked now-a-days :frowning:

You say that like it’s a bad thing, although i see where you’re coming from.

Get a policy to tell the noobs.

haha i once got a 34 kill streak on pinpoint. A couple minutes later i got kicked xD

Once 49 killstreak/ratio on arena mode. Kick RIGHT after.
And 97 killstreak on Minit. Also kick RIGHT after.
Also EVERYDAY I get ratio of 5+ in arena. People don’t stop attempting to votekick me.

P.S.: You spelled Achievement wrong. ^^

My ratio today on hallway…and Akita was there too…
Kills: 135
Deaths: 37
or something like that…

See, wearing the Komrade tag wards off about 2/3 of the votekicks I would get if I played under another alias.
Half of those remaining are from idiots who will kick you even if you have 4% accuracy and a ratio of 2
Bout a quarter of them are cause I pull a 10-20 killfeed of headshots and people get angry
The remaining quart is because I wear the Komrade tag.

kill everything and anything that moves

NO CLANS… thats how i role