[x] Ace (Glitcher)

I was just playing NukeTown On Top 10 and I saw a player on top of the greens building. His name is ace.
I caught him on a few videos but this one shows the glitch best
I think the way to stop it is by blocking up the area where he is glitching
Video has been Deleted. Has Been Dealt With

There was an “ace” a while ago who was glitching in generator2. He was on the very top balcony where you can’t go. I think he was also wallhacking/aimbotting but I might misjudge. Many people witnessed him in generator2.

There might be quite a few ace’s, So You wont know weather that was him.

Yup. It’s a common name

Banned him for 5 days.

Ok. Thanks again Pinpoint