[x] Abuse Power

jamescupcake15 #18

accused me of possessing hacker, but I’m a clean player
when he said he would report it by power abuse he said, “there will have nothing to lose”

first you would have to say where and when…

also, whats the problem exactly… your not banned or anything and he wasn’t hacking… so???

It would indeed be helpful if you gave us a server to work from.

From the sound of it, someone was just mad you were playing well, and therefore called you a hacker.
That’s not abuse, that’s just ignorance (aka he’s being dumb, don’t mind him).

Still, just because he wasn’t banned or affected in any way doesn’t mean he shouldn’t file a report.
Had this been an actual case of power abuse, whether the action had any effects is irrelevant to the occurrence of abuse.

i was just saying that if all that had happened was him being called a hacker, there really is not an issue here…

unless it got to the point of harassment, then it would become a problem…

I’ve played with you plenty Fluttershy, enough to say you’re not hacking. We won’t ban people on claims of hacks without evidence to back it up, either.

As for the guy, it’s been a long time since the report and overall he didn’t do anything wrong necessarily. Though annoying as it is, some people think everyone is a hacker and we can’t do much about that other than tell them otherwise.