[x] 90907, asd

Reason: Griefing

Reason: Griefing, Aimbot

Video 1: 90907 and asd griefing tower, contacted discord, both stop griefing, asd change teams, asd kills me sketchy

~10 min: 90907 stuck in blocks overlooking base, asd digging a hole for thyself every time I spectated

Video 2: 90907 still stuck in blocks overlooking base, asd griefing tower, asd aimbot at endgame

This section does not correspond to me, however we are grateful for these reports, I just came to leave you this version of OpenSpades with Pubovl,
With this version you can see if players use hacks from spectator team.


And I repeat, thanks for the reports, wait for some admin in charge of this area to answer you.


The player asd was banned but the player 90907 does not have enough evidence, anyway I will be watching him, thanks for reporting.