[x] 846gre51e / 498v6e51rg / 48964re5gre

This person came on tower of babel multiple times, with a different ign all of the times. I’m pretty sure it is the same person, because of the relatively short amount of time in between his joins and the pretty similar names he went by. An admin banned him a couple times but he continually came on.

Under the IGN of 846gre51e:

Under the IGN of 498v6e51rg:

Under the IGN of 48964re5gre:

Aimbot, ESP, No-Recoil

Again, he was banned a few times, but I felt the need just upload the evidence I had in hopes that something to prevent his continual hacking could be found. Also, I don’t know if anyone else came across this, but I think his 3rd IGN was kind of a mixture of his first two IGN’s :wink:

Edit: Just forgot to add the server he had went on.

Three of them are banned. Thanks for reporting.