[x] 5 hackers 1 griefer

These people were hacking on the hallway server at about 1 pm gmt. The ones on pinpoint was shortly after too. Hackers names are faguniho, almeida_742, [TDP].1.(o_o).1, opintogrande! and GOD. And the griefer’s name is flynn123. He was breaking stairway blocks and causing teammates to fall down. Heres the video. If the evidence is not enough tell me, i got some more.



GOD came on just now on hallway and i got him banned. That leaves 4 more guys.

faguniho, almeida_742, [TDP].1.(o_o).1 and GOD are banned. I couldn’t seem to find opintogrande!'s IP. flynn123 is banned for 2 days.