[x] 3 hackers

Names: eduardo guerin (No Spread and Possible aimbot)
Whos Quiet (“Bigshot” hack)
DiamondZnip3r (Smashing down on that E button)

eduardo guerin

Whos Quiet


I almost beated fawad. :frowning:

Pff you cant beat me! Tomorrow i shall catch more hackers than this. YOU WAIT AND SEE MUAHAHAHAHA. Uhm well…yea those guys look pretty suspicious.

eduardo guerin banned. DiamondZnip3r was banned by one of our admins and concerning Whos Quiet, I saw 2 kills in the video which is a bit hard to confirm bigshot, one was a jumpshot from the right side of the map and you couldn’t see the enemy and the other was one near the end of the video. I’d keep an eye on him though.