[x] 2 hackers

I was playing pinpoint today, when i noticed 2 hackers(Pokerstar and MrWeeble) . They were spawnkilling us and getting 3 headshots in a row.
I tried to votekick these hackers, but much of my team was afk and the other team didnt care/was filled with hackers.
Then they tried to votekick me with reason like “tried to kick us lol”.

They both got over 200 kills in less that 15 minutes.

Later I join the server to take a screenshot, they had joined diffrent teams and started somesort of a hacker duel?


3 Headshots in a row. That doesnt mean that someone hack

I would like to just say that both players have been on the server for around 2-3 hours. I was switching between top ten and pinpoint and in that time they never left. They both are good players and have a lot of kills but it is easy to achieve those kills in the amount of time they have been playing on that server.

So I think this player has taken their long killing time for a short amount of aimbotting. As neither hack.

Just trying to help,

I have my witnesses, Such as karma, Mr.X and some other people that can tell you this guy simply just sucked at the game and neither of us hacked. As for being on for 15 minutes this guy clearly did not learn time at school. And I did not kick him for “tried to kick us lol” I votekicked him for Spamming the word hacker and votekick abuse/false claims.

Good day

I want to add that a screenshoot from the scoreboard isnt a good proof. I saw guys with 300 “kills” , but they captured the intel 10 times, so they have just 200 kills. And if you spawnkill on pinpoint, you will get very much kills. A lot of players just build or grief there, and only a few players have the skills to react very fast to stop that spawnkilling.

@lammasuuno: When you report “hackers” next time, do a screenshot of their accuracy! If the accuracy is higher than 300%, you can be sure that he/she is an aimbotter! Or you do a short video.

I saw a guy with 600% accuracy and no one cared?

PS My record accuracy, ratio, and streak are 59% (rifle) 18%? (SMG) ??? (shotgun), ratio (best) =12.00, streak (best) = 12.

I saw a guy with 600% accuracy and no one cared?
It depends on the situation. When somebody has got 3 kills and an accuracy of 200%, than it could be normal ( when he/ she did only headshots). But when somebody has got 58 kills and an accuracy of 200%, you can be sure that he/she hacks. I have to say that I have never seen somebody with an 600% accuracy. Added to that, shotgun-accuracies can be higher than 100% without hacking. I aleady had a shotgun-accuracy about 187%.

Why would you thank him for reporting something false?

When people from the community reports things, it means they’re actually still interested in the system and have some belief that it works.

(Similarly, you thank people for voting. Even if their designated candidate doesn’t win, because it implies people have faith that voting will be significant at all.)

Oh okay, I didn’t think of it that way. Sorry if I gave offense