[x] 2 hackers >:D

Got 2 hackers for yea Flapejake and [DM]Espartanos
I had a field day with this one gotta love openspade’s camera lock :smiley:
this was all on poinpoint August 29 8 -1:30 pm EST

Here you can see Monsure hacker aiming at people directly behind walls and a few obvious snaps at the end [right when i switched from follow mode] I got more of him its just killing my internet uploading large files
i got qanother one where he insta switches from building just as soon as a few blues popout while he is beind a wall with no LOS what soever na d 60 to 3 death kill streak
including all headshots while jumping is what let me calculate this .0000000000001x 60+ blocks and a no spreadX hamX bear+hacker == Hacker with a chance of meatballs
and [Dm] Espartanos another hacker who ha a definite aimbot with snapping and esp on the side

and ill calculate this hackerXevidence-meatballs and Russia’s Bear Hacker Capture=== Hacker with no chance in hell of parole
xD I just had to do that


2nd video is still uploading :L 11:17

FlapeJack was banned by another admin but for the second video, I don’t think it shows sufficient evidence to ban off of.

I have more then one video ill upload them when i get home and i swear that was a snap at :04 I really think in order for some of the smaller snaps to be seen it has to be played frame by frame and the insane ammount of headshots every single time on moving targets which it is unlikly for a 114 kill streak with less than 10 deaths. All my team saw was headshots on the scoreboard

Unfortunately all my videos seem missing :L [all my frap videos] i had 6+ gigs worth of most were hacker evidence
Heres another hacker btw
watch at .25 speed and the snapping can be seen clearly
name is Mredoxman


also I caught [Dm] Espartanos today on arena counter strike maps

somehow the tuneup software [which removed any files the program leaves behind] seemed to have removed the videos

OO i forgot the link for that video silly me http://youtu.be/EyG61JcB1L8
Quick question isn’t there a first person spectator mod that works on the servers?