[x]#16 PILIXD babel 6pm ECT

Time: 6pm ECT of today, October 24th
Offenses: ESP, softwater
Server: babel


PILIXD was blatantly using ESP to locate and kill players, rendering the server unplayable. When I joined spectator to record, he began building. A few additional instances are shown in the video such as at 1:10 and 6:24, though his use of softwater and more obvious use of ESP occurred before the recording was taken. He disconnected minutes after I ended the recording. In case this evidence is not enough to justify a ban, please watch his IP since he will likely hack again.

Before Atreyu even joined the server, PILIXD was indeed CHEATING, aimbot, esp. When people started to spectate he started to calm down a little bit and just tried to hide it, however, he was definitely cheating.

The player is banned.

Thanks for reporting.


Thank you for your prompt response.