WW1-WW2 Update Release Date

Ace of Spades Twitter said that the release date for the WW1-WW2 update will be 24/01/2013. You may discuss this and vote on a prediction poll here.

Who gives a shit

That’s the super friendly SnIpEr I know ;D

Chances are, there is at least 1 person who gives a !@$#.




Gosh, you guys are active on this forum. I have 0 posts on the one I put on BnS, and 1 post on Minit with a baby screaming, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!’ from A White Guy. (That is his actual username)

Meh. AOS classic will beat out Jagex Classic version.

Mfw you don’t realize it’s me.

BTW did u mean for that date to be 24-01-2012[2013]?


I agree.

He posted that here too.

Wow, look at all the people who care!


(No, I’m not acquainted with ninjas.)

Maybe the room’s crowded with invisible people… maybe not.
This poll has the most actual votes (not counting the obviously hacked 10000 votes on Minit) out of all 3 of these I posted in.
Combined from all 3 polls, there are 38 votes on the polls as of 22/01/2013, 6:15 PM

Someone seriously hacked Minit? Wow. And just for votes?

I just played it, it’s actually quite awesome.

Saw it and to get straight to the point, it sucks. I’m not surprised at all. The main reason is no third party server hosting!!! Without third party server hosting, there is only one gamemode and 3-5 maps. If Jagex just used Ben and Mat’s version of 1.0 and kept third party server hosting, the game would actually be good.


At least not here.