Wither fight event - December 30th

December 30th, at an unknown time, we will be going to an unknown location and taking care of several wither bosses. Please post a time that works best for you and if you are interested.

Soon!! 6pm my time.

if i’m back home i might join. I’m really not used to playing minecraft on a mbp trackpad

now this sounds much like spawn 8)

I believe that would be a good time. I could do it for 6pm CST as well. Happy Holidays!

Just saying that I have more than a stack of wither skulls… If you want more withers… I’m your man.

12/30 is a wednesday, i can’t make 7pm Central probably, need to back it up at least an hour if I were to join in on the chaos. Can the wither destroy spawn blocks placed? if so, not happening there. Froe can tp everyone to a non used location if necessary…

We can move it back an hour easily.

It will be far away, I have a location in mind.

ferrari already made a huge iron cage for us :3

The Monsta has detected this event. The Bastards shall attend with GUSTO…if Twoday can fix his fucking computer X’D

Sorry but I probably won’t be back home by the event date

Based on a lack of input by the creators/administrators of this event/website I hereby do take control/dictatorship/OP of said site/event

Those interested in battling withers/chickens/each other may meet at newspawn/newspawn at 6:00 pm CST. For those not in CST please consult your fingers for the advanced math. Toes too for you Aussies. :slight_smile: Bring only what you can carry, we may/may not be able to stock some chests for the fight. You may/may not be TPed to a place where it’s a safe place/deathwish to face withers, one after another. Big thanks to lepra for the build and light for handing out skulls like candy!

Getcher time zones here:6:00 AM CST to Your Local Time Conversion -- TimeBie

If we don’t see an admin/control issue/distant authority figure/TP controlling type by then the fight will be in Froe’s shop. That is all.

PS: don’t RSVP - just show up/don’t.

Meet at -14990x and 469z, bring whatever you need.

Well, GG guys. Only 3 people showed up! Me, Ferrari, and Froe. The battle was intense. Froe had spawned 3 at the same time. At first, we had problems spawning them. During the battle, we had been killed. At the end, all was left was rubble.
Here are some of the photos.

Froe fighting the first wither.

The remains of the battle.

Some of the death.(most)


Guh, I missed it :’(