is also similar to, like what Torch posted about, but this is a plane-fighting game which is actually super addictive.

I can already tell I’m going to lose my entire weekend to this game just from the screenshot lol.

How the fuck do you even play this game? I keep getting one-shotted. People keep crashing into me and I can’t hold 1st place for more than 30 seconds.

  1. Collect some pellets.

  2. Find an isolated enemy doing the same and kill them.

  3. Do this until you get a better weapon, then move more towards the center of the map, where more combat is.

  4. Eventually you may find the “Super Weapon” – if you get it, act like a turret and try to get out of the center of the map, because chances are you’ll be king and people will be coming at you from all sides.

  5. Once you have escaped, calm down and cruise around, skillfully firing the super weapon at enemies that try to attack you. Usually holding it on an enemy for .5 seconds will kill them.

  6. Once the super weapon runs out, grab the closest power-up and repeat from step 3.

That’s usually what I do, I call it the “Creeper” method, because you slowly creep into the middle, take the precious Super Weapon / kills, and retreat.

Looks so fun. Lol, I agree with you, Torch XD