why my kills disappeared?

I was playing on the servers of aloha.pk when suddenly I saw my account and I see that the sweaty 3300 kills disappeared from nowhere
Aloha.pk wtf why am i with 1000 kills? >:(

Hi SnowThePro,

The aloha servers ran into an issue today that resulted in the leaderboards being reverted to an old save from about a month ago. Hopefully there will be a fix implemented that will prevent this from happening again.

Sorry that you lost so many kills :frowning:

cmon are you fucking kidding with me
i went from #185 to #228, the hell is your problem?
this is the second time that this happens

Turns out we had a backup from yesterday and I didn’t notice earlier today when I was restoring it, so I just went to there instead of to last month. Looks like you guys are approximately where you should be now.

I’ll be working to make sure that hopefully it doesn’t crash again, and also if it does that it doesn’t corrupt the user data.

hello snow the pro,
this is a very unfortunate thing that happened to you, 3300 is a lot of kills, 3300 - 1000 = 2300, this means that you lost 2300 kills when this event happened, it is a good thing that BR has fixed this problem because otherwise it would not be good,