Why is my ping so high in the Aloha servers lately?

ping a few days ago: 270+
ping now: 400+
Why is that?

My ping is usually around 150 to 230 its probably because you live in a different country(if you do) i live in New Zealand i think thats why

but i usually get a 270+ ping, now i get like 400+ ping

Today I also got a higher ping then usual and regular lag spikes (game keeps freezing for one or two seconds).

are you still experiencing high pings? mine is normal.

same here

Ping is slightly higher, 194ms versus the regular 178ms. Could just be my connection, so I’ll see how it goes.

My ping is reported as low, but I found myself missing many shots.
I do believe that this is not my aiming problem, since I did significantly better in another server.

Last time, when I did a ping test, I was surprised at how large the standard deviation was. Although the average came down to around 100-200, I saw values ranging from 20ms to 500ms for the servers. Maybe this inconsistent spiking in ping leads to a perceived/reported low ping for me, while in reality the ping is much higher (the highest ping is what counts in the end).

If my suspicion were correct, it explains the lag/freezes despite low ping, or reported high ping (your client may report higher ping instead of average…or something). This is a crack theory, but it’s the best I could come up with.

i was in the 70-80 range when we came back after this last shut down… now im running higher too, started yesterday when i noticed it

My ping is still the same as it always was: 30-40 ping.

But the weird thing is, that the un-popular servers have my usual ping

The trick is to keep trying again and again until you get in.

My ping has always been in the 80-100ms region. Mine hasn’t changed a lot lately, maybe reaching to 110-120 from time to time, but nothing 200+. Although, a couple of months ago, I did find my ping randomly shooting up into the 200-300ms range, only for about a day though.

I live near Los Angeles and my ping was 260 and its usually 40-60

no australians use both… your english isnt very good… and im australian. my ping is usually 230-260

So many aussies :o

You guys have horrible pings. My crap rig runs at around 70-80 over the old 120-200.

Computer quality does not affect latency.

EDIT: Well, hopefully not, otherwise you’re REALLLY screwed.

When compared to my rig along with the atrocious Internet speed from AT&T, it will.