Why is Arena all maps dead?

I’m a bit sad that I went on Arena all maps today and no one was on. I remember when it was filled and quick paced.

Aloha has 3, 0.75 arena servers, because the population of this game is low it is unlikely to fill more than one of the arena servers from a single server host. Currently CS arena is the most popular for various reasons, mostly because it’s the one that is currently maintaining a “population flow”, it is rarely ever dead, so it’s player count will fluctuate from high to low all day long because the times at which people play from various places of the earth.

Arena all maps you could say is not in the spotlight of the population, there for it will have little to no players on it. When it does have players the fluctuating population hits dead a lot more often and a lot more quickly. Reviving a server so people play on it is a very difficult and tricky thing to accomplish.

So if you want to try getting things rolling, you might wanna try seeing if you could get people from other servers to join ya, and try to get that fluctuation high enough that it hits dead a lot less. (I do recommend getting some loyal friends to help you out, and please do NOT flood the chat of servers with “JOIN SERVER!@#$%”)

Happy hunting mate, Arena4Life.

Let’s revive the all maps, Tyler.

Shit, what did I get myself into. -.-

Its called Fagex stole all the other 0.75 and 0.76 users.

They wish

But they did tho…I wish they got sued for ruining a game