Why AoS is losing players

Nobody will know me on the forums because I don’t use them, but I’m certainly known in Babel, where I’ve been playing for a very, very long time. I’m known not just as a regular player, but as someone vehemently opposed to cheating who tried to keep the server playable through repeated (futile) votekicks and using /admin when things became bad.

In recent weeks I’ve seen multiple instances of an admin ignoring the most destructive griefing I’ve ever seen, because it benefitted their team. Not only ignoring it as well as repeated pleas to at least disable the offender from building, but taking advantage of the situation to shoot anyone trying to repair the damage.

This particular admin and a friend of theirs are notorious for juvenile trash talking and insulting other players, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Just now I’ve just watched two players griefing. Nothing new there, but at least one had either trusted or admin status and abused that ability to destroy their own teams tower by spading blocks in the protected area. As usual for griefers they were using disposable names.

There’s some good admins here, I play with them regularly and they fight to keep things under control when they’re on. But they can’t always be on, and even if they were they’re outranked by the one I saw abusing their position. It’s bad enough when admins won’t do anything about people breaking the rules, its even worse when they do it themselves.

Just a few weeks ago I was asking who I would contact to make some new maps. I wanted to contribute to a game I’d played for so long. That was before I watched an admin ignore griefing because it turned a lost game into a guaranteed win for them. After that I couldn’t even be bothered to vote yes when someone tried to kick people blatantly cheating. I simply stopped caring.

And that’s what will finally kill AoS; as players realize there’s no point in trying to play when the people in charge treat the game like their own personal playground, free to do whatever amuses them from moment to moment.

I hope people continue to play this game. I hope they enjoy themselves. I hope things get cleaned up. However after watching the trusted/admin griefers tonight, regardless of who it was or what’s eventually done about it, I won’t be here to see it. I’m done.

Goodbye all.

You mean people destroying other team’s buildings?
Completely legal!!!
Geez its part of the challenge, my friend.

Flerikko, you misunderstand. this wasn’t players destroying the opposite team’s buildings. this was the griefing of their own team’s babel tower.
here, Bloodfox. it’s fixed.

however, Nemesis, I was active at the time the tower was griefed. if you’re talking about the player ZGMF-X10A, afaik he doesn’t even have an account here, so he’s definitely not trusted.
from my recollection, the part of the tower that was being destroyed by Red teammates was close enough / beyond the tent, outside of the babel no-grief zone. no staff, nor trusted, were griefing the tower.

Nemesis, if you think a member of Aloha staff or a trusted player is abusing their privileges, the appropriate thing to do is report that player. It doesn’t matter if a disposable name was used or if you even remember the entire name, we can find who the player in question is. However, I very highly doubt that’s what was going on. Particularly in some maps, the tower can often be partially constructed outside of the protected zone. Several days ago I had to ban a couple of players that were griefing their own team’s tower by destroying it, not obstructing it. The part of the tower they were “working on” was not protected.

Did you ever report the admin who you feel was intentionally ignoring requests to handle a griefer because it benefited his team?

good points but keep in mind that babel isn’t the center of the game. So if there is an issue with babel, it doesn’t mean AoS is dying. The reason why AoS is dying is this:
IT’S OLD. Seriously, it’s abandoned, no one can make a new version cause it’s closed source and the amazing 0.76 is long forgotten by everyone.

This really doesn’t sound like an admin. If you remember who it was, you should definitely report them like haux has said above. I believe our staff has the best interest of the players in mind, and if an admin is reported to be abusing their powers, it will be dealt effectively.

It is perhaps worth it to note, however, that the player count really isn’t dying, or at least hasn’t been for a good year or so the way I see it. It’s been at roughly ~100-200 for quite a while now without diminishing. At least that’s according to this site.

I heard they got rejected to put it on steam because of ace of spades already being there . They said since it was declined they will be making a complete new version of open spades . Im not sure if there going trough with that tough.

But seriously how is lululala not banned forever yet?

AoS is great!

Keep in mind that this game isn’t utter shit.
Yes, it’s underdeveloped and can easily be hacked but what makes this game still alive? All your points are pretty interesting, but, I would have to say that people do care about this game. Why else would they still be playing it? Hell, maybe Nemesis is correct about the admins being corrupt but atm that’s the least of our concerns. Make your own server, run it correctly and don’t play on aloha. But, yes, we should address issues with corrupt admins, but at least prove you could be a better admin yourself. They have a huge responsibility of controlling dozens of servers and aloha.pk almost dominates AoS and sometimes that can get to their heads.

EDIT: And another thing, the reason why people fucking stay around for this shit because it’s a game that isn’t too heavy, but not too boring. Just something to come home from loads of work or school and to just relax and play. That’s why it’s enjoyable. (At least, to me.)


Again, AoS isn’t losing players. You’re welcome to hit your ass on the way out the door, however.

I’m sorry, but, what’s so amusing?


Bloodclot: It is extremely disappointing that you undermined the effectiveness of my Donald Trump gif by being completely unaware of the absurdity of your qualitative tone for something clearly designed to be extreme, subjective, and baseless. That is completely up to you and not regulated formally by this community, but as a general rule: moderates don’t win. And by moderates, I am talking about people who disregard any basic information (information that is in opposition to Excelsis Dei’s claims) to qualify both their rebuttal and their opposition’s argument. When you said “all your points are interesting” and following up with a general serious tone (minding Poe’s Law), it shouldn’t be surprising when others who understand the basics of argumentative debating (usually everyone) find that part “amusing” or silly. It’s embarrassing to have to verbally explain to you (I prefer gifs where people react for me)

That or you truly agree with and validate statements like:

  • If you play this game, you are probably a loser.

  • It’s designed for 9-year olds.

  • No one. Cares. About. This. Game.

Which again, is entirely up to you and not formally regulated by this community.


Oh I see. Sorry about that. I rush through posts at times, which I know will definitely be my down fall. I apologize.