Who would play on a Aloha.pk Minecraft Server?

So the previous topic was a little outdated, so I decided to make a new one (This time with a poll)

The point of this post was to see who is still interested in a MC Server:

The question is: assuming the server came back, would you play on it at all? (If so, how much?)

I know I’d really like to play Minecraft again, but it’s gotten to the point where it is only fun with other people (Single player isn’t as fun anymore)

So thoughts? (Post them below!)

I would probably play often. I know what you mean about needing to play with people. I am a part of another forum and within that forum exists groups and one of the groups I’m a part of had an official server which was really fun even with just 3-5 people online every day. Maybe a month in and everyone sort of gradually stopped playing.

I kept building my base for a while after but it wasn’t really worth it with nobody on. Anyways, the guy who gave us the server basically just made us our own world in his server that he’s been running for 4+ years. It’s completely dead but he continues to pay for it without fail. I could ask him if he’d be open to allowing members of aloha play since the group members of the other forum aren’t playing.

Oh… that could be fun! - Do you know if we’d be allowed to have a new world? (Probably not if it belongs to another forum?)

Idk what others think, but that sounds fun to me :slight_smile: - (I’m also really desperate to play… but still)

i would definitely play again.

i dont have minecraft

Hm, possibly. Not sure how much/if it puts stress on the server.

A few things for you to note though before I ask him:

  • It is a spigot server and the current version of spigot is apparently having issues with The Nether/End (so would be inaccessible for unknown period of time)
  • It is more or less raw survival with MCMMO and basic commands (warp, tpa, home, back)
  • Owner is inactive so new plugins/modifications unlikely. But yeah, 4+ years running so I doubt he’s shutting it down any time soon.
  • Since owned by outside source would have to be advertised as non-official aloha.pk server

Sooo if that all sounds cool I’ll ask him if it’s ok :slight_smile:


We’d all play, but “There is a resource leak and using half of the server’s RAM for an MC server is not feasible at this time” (quoting MuffinTastic)


I would play on it often!!!

I don’t have Minecraft either.