Who thinks that the daycycle script should be removed?

Personally, I don’t like it, night is really difficult for green team. I think it is good on some maps, but not on pinpoint or hallway. Tell me what you guys think.


it’s enabled on zombies, pinpoint, and tow, disabled on hallway and babel.

i kind of like it, especially on zombies, but either way is fine with me.

I like it on every server but pinpoint, I want to know what other people think though.

it will be disabled on TOW and 24/7 pinpoint when those servers restart

zombies is the only server it’s still enabled on

Thank you so much izzy.

Thank you izzy!

oui oui merci beaucoup monsieur izzy

What was the point of this necro post? -_-

It’s for a laugh, a joke, a jest, a funny,

Torch the Necromancer :o

Nah, Anon necro’d it.

Wolf the Necromancer :o