Whitelisted Server?

I’m sure this has been thought of before and shot down before for some reason, but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in.

My idea is for a whitelisted server (babel maybe? whatever the most popular server is). It could be whitelisted by IP (if that’s possible?) or it can have a script of some sort so that when you join you can’t join a team except for spectator and can’t join blue or green unless you login (aloha account). Once you login you can then play to your hearts content. What this would do is help reduce people ban evading. Sure they can create a new account, but it would take them a lot longer to create a new account and eventually would most likely become too tiresome for them.

I don’t know… just an idea. It might not be a good idea, because it might separate the community even more, but it’s an idea.

But not every legit player on babel (or any other server) has a aloha account, and they might not even know about aloha.pk. From their perspective, some glitch is causing them to be forced into spectator and they can’t play.

It would be a separate server. It wouldn’t replace babel that was just an example. And there could be text when you join telling you to login or register for an account on aloha.pk

Maybe that could work in the future, but right now we need people to populate servers.

It isn’t a stupid idea, but its unwarranted.

Back in the day when there were lots of people it would’ve been nice. Nowadays it’s kinda “meh”. Not enough players as it is. Would end up being just 1v1s or something.