Which mouse do you use?

Hi all,

There has been many been many computer mice used over the years.
So which one do you use for playing Ace of Spades?
(brand/model…etc.) :slight_smile:


i use the dell ms116. there’s nothing too special about it.

Razer Lancehead TE

JET.A Comfort OM-U50. Pretty much your standard mouse.

gskill RIPJAWS MX780 I got it 30% off buying computer parts otherwise I wouldn’t spend that much.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 USB Wired RGB Laser Gaming Mouse - Newegg.com I guess it is on sale rn

I use the A4Tech N-400-1. It’s a simple one I guess.

razer abyssus

Redragon M602

Roccat Kiro

Steelseries Sensei Frost Blue Edition.

Logitech m310 master race

Redragon M601, $5 when on sale. Collects grime though and is a bit hard to clean.

usually a dynex wmse
rn i’m using some logitech mouse that i bought for a tv
i’ll probably switch back once i feel like getting up and finding where my other one is

Redragon M705, a new one

Able to point and click heads with is so I guess it works

Corsair Harpoon, $30

i’m happy with it :slight_smile:



Razer Taipan, about 8 years old o.o

anything thats cheap honestly and preferably wireless cause pushing a wire around is no fun.

this is mine.