Where Is All the Aloha server?

I have been seeing that there are no aloha servers up! There is a fake hallway up too… where did they go!!!

Yeah, recently i havent seen them on the main page either.

Izzy told me that he is moving the server so that it is more permanent. Just wait, it should be back on soon.

Why do you mean by “moving”?

different hardware at a different location, Los Angeles to be specific. the 24/7 hallway server is up for testing at that location now (aos://2600383687) so please let me know if you experience any lag. there was some warping going on earlier (walk forward get teleported backward) but i think that’s fixed now.

gamingftw all the servers are back on now…

Woo! I am not experiencing lag, but i see other people are.

Yeah… there is a lot of lag, i am experiencing it too.

When i play, i dont really have teleport lag anymore. It rarely happens now to me now, but other people said that they have lag.

there’s bad lag when all of the servers are up, i’m looking into it. so just one server for now.

And when you are done Izzy, we need to work on your game! And show people you are BOSS at this game!

im starting to notice the teleporting lag again :\

all servers down temporarily

i’m working on a better solution, they should be back up on a dedi within the next few days

Its been awhile, What is the situation on the problem?

the provider i planned to rent a dedi from ran out of stock, so it was a good excuse for me to colo my own server with a different provider instead. i’ll ship it out in the next few days, then it will take another couple days to get to Los Angeles. AoS servers should be back up by Tuesday.