Where are my skills

So, for a while I couldn’t play AoS due to lag.

Now I can somehow, but I have noticed something. I used to get 2 ratios with ease, and 3 ratios on my good games.

Now I get 1 ratios on my good days. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?

And it’s not like it is coming back to me, it’s like I have to relearn the whole game all over again.

It’s so annoying.

Don’t bother trying xD
0.76 is being released soon, so you’ll have to start again anyways T_T

Are the updates really that bad usually? I’ve only been playing .75 I’ve never had to update lol.

There’s also nothing wrong with the way you play, usually it’s just players get too excited and expect certain results from themselves, which can be the case if you are extremely good and have been playing for a long time. However, if you get into this mindset before practicing staying calm and collected for a long period of time, you’ll just go back to how you started as a noob, if not worse.

It happens to the best of us, mate; nothing to get worked up over. :slight_smile:
Just remain calm and expect nothing when you play, just focus on killing and don’t worry about dying. In doing so, you’ll find that you’ll be doing much better fairly shortly.

Not normally, but in 0.76 they really messed up the rifle. It’s so much harder to use. I have played the RC.

I will try that.

Is that why I miss so many shots?

Supposedly original razor-accurate rifle accuracy is back.
I don’t really see that happening, but people have been complaining about it.

In 0.76, the rifle is dead accurate.
But it has only 5 rounds a clip, and it can only shoot one round per second.

SMG is just as it was, except with more ammo in storage (which in my opinion, is a godsend)

Shotgun is like it was back in 0.70, extremely deadly at close range, but terrible at long range. It also fires faster and has more ammo.

All three weapons have been given damage falloff. As you may have guessed, shotgun falloff damage starts closer than the SMG and Rifle, and the SMG damage falloff is closer than the rifle.

So basically you can no longer get 1 hit kills at fog range, but you can any where closer than fog range.

So, Ben made the rifle a sniper, then took away the range of the sniper…

It is hiding

I averaged around like 5-9 on my KD ratio, but I haven’t even touched a computer in over a week, let alone play…

It happends to me alot of times. I get fairly good at a game and start to get a cocky mindset thinking I’m invincible.
Then I die and die and die and I have to calm down and try to start from the beggining again, but it won’t take to long to get back up because you’ve already been there.