What's your highest ratio on babel?

Mine was 27.5 at one point. (2 deaths and 55 kills.)
(Will update if I manage to beat it.)


In February I had a really good game:


987654321 #9 (x.x.x.x) has an accuracy of: Rifle: 30% SMG: None Shotgun: None. Ping: 124 ms. Weapon: Rifle. Kill-death ratio of 9.33 (112 kills, 12 deaths, 34.38 kills per minute). 0 kills in the last 20 seconds. 0 headshot snaps in the last 20 seconds. Current kill streak is 0. Best is 13 kills. HP: 100

It was a few days ago

i’ve had 20 deaths and 30 kills is that ok

It’s fine and it’s a good ratio of 1.5 :wink:

i’ve gotten higher but this is the only one i screenshotted:

19.9 or something, not lying…

this is another of a good game that i had. ( i beat u kuunikal :slight_smile: )

115/2 with k/d ratio 57,5.

I don’t know, ~27 or ~22

51 k, 0 d equaling a 51.0 ratio on the map Nomansland

I like my high ratios with a lot of kills, one I remember is 100 kills/4 deaths. RIP red ;D. And one time I remember I had somewhere around 230 kills and 20 deaths. I think my highest ever was in like the 50’s.

once i got a 1.3 ratio, but i was really lucky


I wanna say it was like a 4.1, nothing too crazy.


From April:


Found these legendary pics on old phone. Circa 2015/2016 The good ol’ days…

The earliest highest ratio I got is in my signature. I’ve gotten a ratio of ~9-10 in babel, I wish I had pictures saved.

My highest ratio by playing normally was…

You have a kill-death ratio of 16.00 (16 kills, 0 deaths, 4.10 kills per minute).

But my highest ratio ever was…

You have a kill-death ratio of 18.00 (18 kills, 1 deaths, 3.47 kills per minute).

I got this last one mostly by camping. I got both of them on babel on January 17th 2020.

This was on Pinpoint, 2018-2019

god has a kill-death ratio of 102.00 (102 kills, 1 deaths, 5.60 kills per minute).