What's happening?

Why the hell the arena servers are down?
C’mon i want to fucking kill the arena newbs

Damn straight! I just got done moving into my new house and got my gigabit cabling installed proper, and can finally really play after more than a week, and now I can’t pwn Orky! What the hell? :smiley:

CS Arena and Arena All Maps are back online! Thanks for the heads-up.

You can’t even beat me, i am the top arena player

You’re welcome

CsArena still down ;/

Now it should be good! Let us know if there are any other issues!

Speaking of server problems, the arena servers suffer massive lag issues. And it’s not just me. When I was playing the game the entire chat was spammed with “lag”, people were teleporting, shooting through walls, and so on. It should be fixed and me and the other arena players would appreciate if you’d do so. Thanks.

This is news to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you and your tall tales…

Lag is always there pretty much.

Aw cmon, i carry our team alone Atrainer

Dat somebastard can’t 1v1 me

As soon as I find the remote for the HDTV Im using as a monitor you are done for, mister smartypants!

(Stupid autocontrast on TV fucks gaming, and I just moved, remote is lost!)


That’s gotta hurt.
Fuck you laser guy.

I don’t think this is even true, just a excuse for being bad

DAMNIT! Ya caught me! Tis true, I do suck. But I still dont like gaming with that damned autocontrast adjustment.

No seriously I had the TV on a different setting when watching a movie. Just moved, packed the remote away who knows where. I’m about to say fuck it and buy a replacement from amazon.